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Find Your Path Event in Roanoke, VA

Join us for a two-day metaphysical workshop weekend on July 15th - 16th. One ticket purchase gets you eight 45-minute workshops on a variety of spirituality, metaphysical, and holistic health topics as well as two free private sessions with our master teachers. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and gain insight and inspiration to help you on your path.

One Community Now

816 Franklin Rd SW

Roanoke, VA 24016

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Our master teachers will guide you through eight unique 45-minute workshops on various topics:


Akashic Record Reading

with Tabitha Cain

Get a peak into the world of akashic record reading through the process of Soul Realignment.


Jin Shin Jyutsu

with Rob Arana

This introductory class will familiarize the student with what is the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It sa application and benefits. The student will also learn several flows that they can use on themselves. 


Starting a Holistic Business

with Tabby Cain

We will explore the difference between a hobby and a business, look at what it takes to set a business up and talk about ways to find support in your community.

Master Teachers

Scroll on through to meet our master teachers and see what private sessions they're offering.


Allison May

Soul Speaker - Reiki Master - Guide


Allison May is the founder and CEO of Pellucidity in Life. She is an advisor and guide blending many modalities to assist those in living their best life. Allison also activates one's soul language and provides support and guidance during the awakening period of discovery. She specializes in creating deep relationships with others and helping them move towards their own alignment.

Private Session Offerings:

  • Reiki

  • Intuitive Seeker

10% off Bio-Centers: Activations & Upgrades service with purchase of ticket.


Sami Beikman

Teacher - 3D Coach - Astrologer


Sami is an experienced teacher and tutor with 13 years of experience, known for her passion for helping others get organized and reclaim their time. She has also devoted time to developing her pet communication skills, allowing her to connect with animals on a deeper level. Sami has been studying astrology since she was 10 years old, and her expertise in this area is evident in her readings. When conducting readings using oracle cards and astrodice, Sami brings a unique bibliomancy style that provides her clients with insightful and meaningful guidance.

Private Session Offerings:

  • Life Purpose Astrology Readings

  • Marketing & Business Planning

  • Oracle/Astrodice Reading

10% off Oracle/Astrodice reading with purchase of ticket.

Tabby Cain

Reiki Master/Teacher - Intuitive Healer - Akashic Records Reader -


With a Masters in Metaphysical Science and over a dozen certifications in various modalities Tabby is ready to bring knowledge and healing to you in a variety of different ways.  Whether is through the teaching of Reiki or soul language or through intuitive healing, Akashic record readings and soul realignment; performed hands on or thousands of miles away, she has the heart based healing techniques to help you along your path.

Private Session Offerings:

  • Intuitive Healing Session

Get an Akashic Records reading for only $99 (normally $125 with purchase of ticket.

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Rob Arana

Light Worker - Way Shower - Guide


Robert is the founder of Healing Heart Energy Therapy and co-founder of One Community Now Holistic Center. He is an intuitive energy worker, light worker and way-shower. Rob blends several modalities into a unique approach to helping others heal themselves. 

Private Session Offerings:

  • Intuitive Healing Session

10% off energy healing session with purchase of ticket.

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IMG_0413 - Robert Arana.jpeg
Headshot - Jessica Jarels.jpg

Jess Jarels

Somatic Alchemist


Jess Jarels creates a safe space for women to reconnect with their bodies, re-awaken deep self love, compassion and acceptance and feel alive again.

Private Session Offerings:

  • Flow Breathwork

10% off Goddess Yoga and Breathwork Sessions with purchase of ticket.

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Patrice Freeland

Certified Essential Oil Specialist - Reiki Master/Energy Healer -Strengths Based Life Coach


Patrice Freeland is the Owner of Wonderful Land of Oils, She is a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, AromaTouch Practitioner, Reiki Master, 13th Octave LaHoChi Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, and Strengths-Based Life Coach. Her mission is to listen and understand you as the beautiful individual that you are and empower you with the education, tools and healing experiences that will enable you to take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Private Session Offerings:

  • Reiki-Infused Symphony of the Cells

  • Intuitive Energy Healing Session

10% off Intuitive Energy and Oil Healing Session with purchase of ticket.

Past Participants said...

"This weekend was so so incredibly beautiful and I am so grateful to have been put in contact with everyone. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

- Destinee Shipp


2-Day Pass

Catch the early bird special for only $109 until June 1st. Then, pay $137 after that. This includes your choice of 8 (45-minute) workshops and two FREE private sessions with our master teachers.

Romantic Vouchers

1-Day Pass

Pay $77 for a Saturday or Sunday Only Pass. Get 4 (45-minute) workshops and one FREE private sessions with our master teachers.

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