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Image by Pascal Meier

Tiffany FitzPatrick

Intuitive Tarotist - Grey Ecclectic Witch - Foundational Strategist

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invest - engage - magick


Tiffany is the Foundational Strategist, inspiring a feeling of balance in the 3D & 5D, while offering guidance through strengthening your foundations in the areas of Money, Mindset, and Magick. As a federally licensed Financial Expert, she demystifies all things money, such as, income protection, budgets, investments, planning for your retirement, etc, in an individualized manner.


As a trauma-informed Shadow Work guide, she shares actionable steps for accessing the subconscious, reprogramming patterns of behavior, and fostering a relationship with your inner child. As a grey eclectic witch, psychic medium, and intuitive tarot reader with more than two decades experience, she provides guidance through spiritual awakenings and offers a wide variety of magickal services. Tiffany is passionate about helping others help themselves on their journey from surviving to thriving.