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Journey to Joy

Find Your Way With Us

Starting Sunday March 5th

The Why

Anyone who has worked with Sami knows about her dedication to the root why. It is how to build everything that we create here at Pellucidity in Life. This mentorship was birthed during the 11th episode of the Women of the Wise podcast when we were discussing the emotion to body connection with Kimberly Davis. So, what is our why? To help people refind the connection between their powerful emotions and their body's response so they can locate, chase and create joy in their lives.

Check out the clip below to see this mentorship birthed in real time. ⬇️

Weeks 1 & 2: Awaken to Your Body

Sun, March 5 - Sat, March 18

  • Track your body's cues

  • Really tune into the clues your body is already giving you through aches and pains

  • Learn to respect and love your body again

Weeks 3 & 4: Awaken to Your Emotions

Sun, March 19 - Sat, April 1

  • Track your emotion to body connection

  • Learn how body cues translate to emotional response

  • Start to notice how your body feels when you are focusing on joy.

Weeks 5 & 6: Refocus

Sun, April 2 - Sat, April 15

  • Use the data of the previous weeks to create a game plan

  • Implement your new joyful path

  • Learn realistic ways to maintain your body and emotional connection

The Details

This 6 week program is designed to help strengthen your connection to your emotional and body cues. We will guide you through the following turns

Additional Elements

  • At the end of each two week period, we will come together as a whole group to celebrate, share and support each other. 

  • Within each phase, you will get an individual session with our coaches to focus solely on your journey.

  • You will receive nightly journal prompts to reflect on your personal discoveries.

  • There will be a shared online group space to share and connect with other participants and the coaches.


Each turn is $75 making the entire 6 week program $225​

Meet The Coaches



Yllari Briceno

I recently had a reading with Allison. She has an amazing gift clarifying your path with a kind and joyful energy. I totally recommend her.

Cindi Rhule

Hi Sam that reading was AMAZING. It was so right on... I would LOVE to purchase a full reading from you

Morgan Kraemer

Had a great Reiki session with Alison and left feeling amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and the entire experience was very relaxing. If you need to get your energy right (and who doesn’t?), pay her a visit

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