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An experience that changes everything!

Bring Balance & Harmony to Your Tribe

We will help you host an evening like you have never experienced before for your tribe and family. The best moments happen in circles, in the home, where we can be our most authentic selves. Spend a night in harmony with your closest tribal members bringing balance back into everyone's life.


The Details

In this 2-4 hour event, Pellucidity in Life and crew will spend time helping you and your friends dive deep into healing breaking through any energy blockages and finding the space to release, rejuvenate and envision the next steps of your journey. Enjoy a cup of "Balance & Harmony" tea during this event.

  • 30 minutes - 1 hour: Healing Circle - We will start off with a calming meditation and then each member of the circle will receive soul coding, weaving and upgrades. 

  • For the rest of the event we will be offering additional add ons like...

    • Private Soul Reiki​

    • Oracle & Tarot Readings

    • Rune Castings

    • Persoanlized Herbal Teas & Tinctures

    • So much more!


Opening Healing Circle ($10/per person)

Add Ons ​​

Private Soul Reiki Session ($40/30 min per person)


Elemental Pathways Healing ($20/30 min)


Rune Casting, Oracle or Tarot Readding ($15/20 min)


Natal Chart Reading ($20/20 min)


Human Design Chart Reading ($30/20 min)

Tribal Talisman Charm that your whole crew can wear ($7ea with a minimum of 3 charms.)

A channeled power code for you and your tribe

($33 for the entire groups digital print. This will be emailed within two weeks of the circle event.)

**Printing Options Available: Please reach out for additional details.

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