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Join us at New Moon Divination in Cloverdale, IN at 11am for a Soul Reiki group healing circle for FREE. After the circle we will be staying to provide oracle/astrodice readings, channeled messages through the Intuitive Seeker service, private Soul Reiki sessions, and natal chart readings.


Soul Reiki is a combination of soul language and Reiki that allows for rapid alignment. It brings up anything that needs to be looked at and healed as it has the ability to bypass the loving logical brain that has learned to create so many potentionally limiting patterns because of it's need to survive. Soul Reiki gets into the root of what no longer serves and helps set you down your greatest and highest timeline. Soul Reiki is done with at least two practitioners one coder/active healer and one anchor. The anchor root firmly into the earth and lower worlds connecting you to your humanity, your present and keeping the energy balanced. The coder/active healer will be accessing your contracts, channeling what healing your body has requested you do the work on and acts as a conduit to guide and support you as you begin healing yourself.


Reiki is not tied to any one religion or belief system. The name is composed of two parts “Rei” and “ki”. “Rei” means universal, God, Spirit, divine, holy, higher self, or collective consciousness. “Ki” means giving life or life force energy.


Soul Language is often mistaken for or lumped in with light language. However, light language is channeled language from an outside source and soul language is channeled from within. It is channeled from within your own heart/soul space, the fractal pieces of your soul, your past lives, your ancestors and guides. Soul Language is the language of who you are.

Experience a Soul Reiki healing cirlce for FREE.

Grab your private session early so you don't miss out!

Intuitive Seeker Session

30 min/$40 & 15 min/$20

Channeled Intuitive Messages from your spirit guide team that will guide you to the next steps to walk your highest and greatest path.

Oracle/Astrodice Reading


Astrodice is a three dice set where one dice has the planets, one the zodiac signs and one the astrological houses. Sami will use this data to help enhance the practical steps we discover you should take through your oracle reading. Sami is a unique reader. Instead of the pictures speaking to her the words in the oracle deck books pop out to create a unique story.

Natal Chart Deep Dive


Get a full reading of the signs and houses of each of your personal planet placements (sun, moon, rising, mercury, venus & mars). I'll also dive into some personalized advice for you based on the energies in your chart. This is just a great way to get to know yourself a little better.


**This must be booked 48 hours before March 4th.**

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