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Find Your Path
Salem, VA

Are you looking to dive deeper? Do you want to explore spiritual concepts without having to spend thousands to get started? Are you just hoping to find more like-minded people?

Take advantage of the Early Bird special before October 1, 2022.

Saturday, November 12, 2022 | 9am - 6pm
Sunday, November 13, 2022 | 9am - 6pm

Glow Healing Arts
1936 W Main St
Salem, VA 24153, USA

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What do you receive in this workshop weekend?

8 Classes

Get access to eight 45-minute classes on a variety of modalities by our master teachers.

Two 20-minute Private Sessions

Choose two of our master teachers to get a private 20 minute session.

Tons of Discounts

Get at least 10% off one product/service from each of our master teachers.

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Meet Our Master Teachers

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Allison May

Allison May is the founder and CEO of Pellucidity in Life. She is a coach and mentor blending many modalities to assist those in living their best life. Allison also activates one's soul language and provides support and guidance during the awakening period of discovery. She specializes in creating deep relationships with others and helping them move towards their own alignment.

Soul Speaker - Reiki Master - Life Attunement Coach

Allison is teaching...

Introduction to Soul Langauge

Learn what soul language and light language are. Take a moment to feel into it and explore the language of your own soul.

Introduction to Reiki

Learn what Reiki is, how it can heal, and a little bit about the energetic body. In this class, you will get time to learn some self-healing Reiki. 

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 10% off a Soul Reiki & Reiki session with Allison. Soul Reiki is a soul to soul connection healing modality that is like Reiki on steroids.

Sami is teaching...

Goal Setting & Prioritizing

In this class, you will stop to think about your top priorities in your life. You will learn to create action steps towards bringing your dreams into reality. You were given your gifts and ideas for a reason. Let’s bring them into existence. 

Your Moon Sign

Almost everyone knows their sun sign. To get a better understanding of yourself you really have to dig into all of your placements. In this class we will dive into your specific moon sign and how it plays out in the house it is in and with your sun sign. We will answer the question, "What makes me feel secure?"

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 10% off any session with Sami


Samantha Beikman

Samantha is passionate about three things: teaching neurodivergent children, working with and healing pets, and helping people get organized including prioritizing their next steps. With 11 years of teaching experience and 2 years of experience working with dogs, she offers lots of practice solutions to class spirituality conflicts.

3D Coach - Coordinator - Teacher

Jennifer is teaching...

Baba Yags.jpg

Jennifer Wardlow

Soul Speaker - Intuitive Healer - Reiki Master

Jennifer’s passion is rooted in bringing deep healing and guidance for souls returning to their authentic self and divine sovereignty through acceptance and love. She offers online appointments for healing, readings, and mentorships for your own sacred journey.

Sound Healing

An introduction to using frequency and sound to improve your psychical and emotional well being.

Crystal Healing

Diving into the properties of crystals and how to incorporate them into healing for yourself and your home.

Geomancy | Earth Divination

Earth can be used as a divination tool much like tarot and runes. This class will focus primarily on using crystals in an easy to understand divination method. This class is best for students who holds some knowledge of crystal healing properties.


Mudras are a set of subtle physical movements that can change one's mood, attitude, or perspective that are commonly used in Buddhism and Hinduism meditation practices. The class will dive into the mudras related to the chakras, emotions, and energetic concentration.

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 10% off an Intuitive Healing session with Jennifer. An intuitive healing session allows your higher self to lead to heal what is most needed at the present time. We may take a journey to the askashic records to let go of a past life or go within to speak to the inner child. Anything goes with this session!

Jen is teaching...

Shamanic Journeying

Journeying is an ancient and practical technique to step into the Spirit World. Think of this as a guided meditation lead by Jen using her drum. She will setup a safe space and clearly guide you to specific places to commune with a Spirit Guide. This approach is best for those who can visualize and can physically lay down or sit up for a long period of time. 

Psychic Surgery

Requirements: Must already be an experienced healer. Jen will teach healers how to see non-beneficial energies and to balance and remove them. You’ll learn how to remove programs, cut cords, peel facial masks, and then replace any objects with a special ethic serum. It helps to be visual and/or have a knowing while using your intuitive gifts.

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 10% off a Holistic Healing session with Jen. Jen prioritizes what your holistic body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) needs at the moment. She uses her intuitive gifts (seeing, knowing, hearing) and channels Light Being for your highest benefit. This session is jammed packed with oracle messages, energy healing, tuning forks, cutting cords, psychic surgery (non-invasive), Reiki, E.D.I.N.A. Medicine, and aroma/sound therapy. During the session Jen describes everything she’s doing and teaches as well. Clients may ask questions at any time.

Jen Marie Cliff.jpeg

Jen Marie Cliff | RN, BSN, RMT

Registered Nurse - Energetic Healer - Intuitive Artist

Jen Marie Cliff worked as a critical care and hospice nurse when she realized her calling was to be a holistic healer. She has been a Reiki Master for over a decade, a Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive Card Reader, and recently attuned to the Eternal Flame and E.D.I.N.A. energy medicine. She works closely with her Guides, Angels, Essenes, Ancestors, Galactic Federation, and Ascended Masters to channel messages of the Divine for the client's highest good. Finally, she believes shadow work and light work go hand-in-hand, so in order to fully heal we must be proactive with our holistic selves: body, mind, heart, and soul.

Jarrod is teaching...


Jarrod May

RowanWolf Rune Craft & Spectral Bear Healing

Shamanic Practitioner - Rune Speaker

Jarrod is a Northern European Animist with a focus in Heathenry and Druidry. As a shamanic practitioner Jarrod, has a strong relationship with the spirit worlds, especially with the runes. He works closely with the runes to help others heal and obtain guidance in their lives where it is most needed. As a shamanic practitioner and Reiki master, he works with energetic healings. As a chef and nutritionist, Jarrod works on healing the physical body with dietary needs.

Working with Your Ancestors

In this class participants, will gain a basic understanding of ancestral veneration, how to work with your ancestors (direct and indirect), and setting-up an ancestral altar.

Mindful & Guided Meditation

Students will go over basic definitions, and participate in quiet meditation as well as a guided meditation involving unique grounding techniques.

Connecting with an Animal Spirit

We will discuss the differences between animal spirits and totem animals as well as participate in a simple guided shamanic journey to discover an animal spirit and ask them for guidance on a particular question.

The Runes: Uruz

In this class, students will learn how to incorporate and work with the rune Uruz in their life to help with healing and wellness.

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 10% off an Elemental Pathways Healing Session (30 or 60 minutes). This session provides a localized focus on problem spots within the energetic body to assist in healing of the physical and energetic bodies. This type of shamanic healing can also be used to help relax the body and mind and decrease stress and anxiety in an individual. I use a no touch method of energy transfer for comfort. By pulling energy from the elements through me I pass it through to you to assist in strengthening the auric field, energetic body, and assist the body in facilitating faster healing where needed. Included are a brief consultation and discussion before and afterward the healing session.

Sarah is teaching...

The Art of Embodiment

Learn the true definition of embodiment, which is allowing spirit to become a part of how you act, think, feel and move. We will discuss the different directions of embodying and examples of common way to do so. We will end the session discussing ways to protect and ground.

Life with Elementals

We will look at the role elementals play with humans. We will also discuss some of the darker sides of these elementals. 

The Spirituality of Plants & Animals

Here you will find out about plant and animal medicine, plant interactions, roles of plants & animals in spirituality.

Healing with Color

In this class, you will understand the importance of colors! You will learn where they come from, ways of using them, and best practices Sarah has come across in the different formats. 

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 10% off an Intuitive Art or Healing Session. In an Intuitive Art session the client will receive a quick 15 minute zoom call with me.  Followed by personalized artwork on a canvas size they chose. This one of a kind, beautiful piece of art will be an amazing addition to your surrounding environment. Each piece is embedded with light codes & energies for the specific person, but others may receive from it also.

In a Healing Session, the client will receive a 30 minute healing session with which modality is called. It may be a gentle cleansing, deep wound healing, cord detachment, upgrade, attunement, or one of the many others. Just know if you are drawn to Sarah, there is a reason.

FB_IMG_1649948710273_2 - Sarah Provencher.jpg

Sarah Mae

Spiritual Alchemist - Shamantic Facilitator - Intuitive Artist

Sarah Mae is the co-founder of Bringing the Dragons Home and a team player at Pellucidity of Life. She uses many special modalities to heal one's mind, body, and soul; Along with Bringing the aspect of Heaven on Earth in the now. She Lives in the Divine Christ Light of Both Feminine & Masculine and connected from source to source; she is one with all and moves as such. She uses her unique and authentic self to help you embodiment what is needed at the time.


Tabby is teaching...

Tabitha Cain

Reiki Master/Teacher - Intuitive Healer

With a Masters in Metaphysical Science and over a dozen certifications in various modalities Tabby is ready to bring knowledge and healing to you in a variety of different ways. Whether is through the teaching of Reiki or soul language or through intuitive healing, Akashic record readings and soul realignment; performed hands on or thousands of miles away, she has the heart based healing techniques to help you along your path.

Akashic Records Reading

What are the Akashic Records and what can you learn from them? We will take a look at one modality (Soul Realignment) and how this powerful reading can help bring healing and create change in your life.

Raising Intuitive Children 

Not sure if your child (or grandchild) has spiritual gifts and if so, not sure how to help them? In this course we will be looking a ways to identify intuitive children and discuss strategies at how to best support their growth and development. This class will be co-taught with Samantha Beikman.

Am I an Empath?

This class with discuss how to identify if you are an empathy (chances are if you are asking you probably are) and if so, how to incorporate different tools into your daily routine to help you cope.

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 20% off a Soul Realignment Session with Tabby. For this service you simply need to supply your name, date of birth and place of birth. Your reading is done in a week or so and then a zoom appointment is set up to go over your reading. You will receive detailed information on your primary energy center, soul group, blocks and restrictions and more. You will also get homework and discuss a game plan for moving forward as well.

Rob is teaching...

Jin Shin Jyutsu

This class is an introduction into the art of Japanese acupressure. This class will focus on how Jin Shin Jyutsu works using pressure points along the energetic meridians of the body. During the class several self care flows will be demonstrated and taught to the student.

Shadow Work

This is a beginner to intermediate level class where in the student will understand what is shadow work, how to establish your own process for shadow work and a small round table share of shadow work experiences.

Discounted Service with Ticket Purchase

Get 10% off an In-Person or Distance Healing Session. Intuitive Healing Session is a 45 minute session where we will both seek to achieve, but not limited to an understanding of any physical, emotional or energetic you as the client would like to resolve thru the guidance of my spirit guides and your higher self.

70A00858-6540-4305-A964-4703BCF0223D - Robert Arana_edited.jpg

Robert Arana

Intuitive Healer - Reiki Master - Way Shower

Robert Arana is a holistic energy worker and intuitive healer, combining multiple modalities to help others heal themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about lunch?

A: Lunch will be a two hour block that allows you to digest all that you have learned and spend sometimes socializing. Feel free to pack a lunch to stay and eat with the master teachers or enjoy lunch around the venue at El Rodeo (Mexican), Applebee's, Arby's, and many more!

Q: I live out of town. Can you recommend a hotel?

A: Check out Hampton Inn Salem or Avid Hotel Salem, an IHG Hotel.

Q: Do I have to attend both days?

A: No, you can buy just a Saturday or Sunday pass. However, this ticket only gives you one free 20 minute private session.

"As an evolving healer, this was a fantastic way to connect, empower, and learn about other modalities in an affordable way. I am very grateful and look forward to future programs."

Jen Cliff, VA

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