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Let's bring the magic of healing and divination to you and your crew!

Customized Classes & Retreats

One of Pellucidity's major pillars is "community outreach". While we love enriching and building up our own community in Bloomington, Indiana we also have a passion for helping you build yours. 

Is there something new you and your friends have been hoping to try? Do you want to gather your coworkers for an astrology assessment to find working strengths and weakness? Do you just want to learn it all?


We either have or can create a retreat, workshop or class that will work for you.


Here are some of our more common

Group Enrichment Experiences


Reiki on the Road: Do you have a small group of friends and/or family who want to learn Reiki in a much smaller setting? Allison May can bring these life enriching weekends to you. (Also, ask about Soul Reiki.)

Find Your Path: This is weekend long workshop weekend! We will work with you and bring our own practitioners to create 101 classes that can showcase a variety of metaphysical topics and healing modalities. This is for those in your community that are newly awakened and looking for a place to get their questions answered without breaking the bank. 

Continuing Your Path: This is super similar to Find Your Path only the class topics get kicked up a knotch. This is for those who are already working in the metaphysical or healing realm. 


Reiki & Restructering (R&R Package): If things are feeling out of control in your household or at your place of business, this is the package for you. Allison will provide deep energetic healing that will open up the members of your clan to healing, understanding and standing in their truth. Sami will help find the cracks in the foundation of your organization to help you work together as a team again. If you are ready to get back on the same page, this is for you.

Rest, Reinvigorate and Renew: Are you just feeling stuck? Let Pellucidity in Life take care of you. We will provide energy work and divination sessions that can help nudge you towards the right path. This is usually done in groups 5 - 20. Because one of our members is an herbalist and chef we can even help craft a delicious customized meal/snacks to help get you on your way. Think of this like a metaphysical health spa brought to your front door.

Soul Healing Retreat: This is like summer camp for 16 year olds and above. In this weekend long healing venture, we will not only spend time together, but rediscover ourselves, those around us and nature. It's time to deeply connect! This is great for coworkers, friend groups, couples, and families alike. It will be completely customized based on your reason for wanting a retreat.


Expos: We can help you organize and publicize your next expo.

Astrology Counseling: Everyone in your group will get a copy of their charts. As a group we will look at potentional dynamics. Depending on your reason for wanting to learn more we will discuss how to increase your productivity or success in certain areas.

Duo Soul Reiki: Take some time out with on other person to receive some soul coding, language and deep weaving. Enjoy the channeled messages you receive and learn so much more about your connection.

Let's connect!

Want to start creating your special group learning experience? Email us to let us know your ideas.

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