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Circle Events

Circles are an amazing way to create community in your life. We have a lot of fun themed circle nights you can choose from. Have an idea of your own? Let us know when you are thinking by emailing

Curated Circles

Power Up Your Tribe

Power up your tribe so you can leave the lasting legacy of your dream helping you break family karma for the next generation.

Revolutionize Your Tribe

It's time to shake things up! Lets spend a night giving your crew the resources you need to revolutionize your life and start taking charge of your own personal evolution!

Harmonize Your Tribe

 Spend a night in harmony with your closest tribal members bringing balance back into everyone's life.

Expand Your Tribe

Allow you and your closest tribal members the time and space to speak with your higher self. Open up to new knowledge so you can move forward through any of life's challenges. Call in abundance and luck into your life.

Don't see a theme your tribe needs?

Let us know what you'd like to bring into the people in your life. We can help create that event for you.

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