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Allison May

Soul Speaker - Life Attunement Coach - Reiki Master

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wonder - belong - expand - enjoy

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Founder & CEO

As a lifelong adventurer, Allison has spent time getting lost in the forest, tumbled by the never-ending waves of the ocean, traversed through and over mountains, and in awe of each person's unique gift they are here to share with the world at this time. 

She offers her services in order to promote solace, direction, and harmony on your journey, specializing in the reprogramming of the mind and the opening of the heart, connecting each person to their own power within.

As a Life Attunement Coach and mentor, she blends many modalities such as tarot and oracle readings, energy healing and meditation.

As a Soul Reiki Master, she offers deep healing through a blend of Usui Reiki, energy weaving, coding and Soul Language.

For Soul Therapy, she offers guidance, messages, healing, and activation of one's soul language, and the tethering of one’s energetic, emotional and mental matrixes.

Allison has always been connected to spirit, source and through the void, throughout many lives here on this beautiful planet and beyond.